A note from Moon Yoga Founder - Amber Treece

I wasn’t sure what I was going to find on my journey to Arizona in 2014. Being born and raised in Missouri, this was a huge and exciting change for me! And wow, so heart opening. Yoga teacher training had shown up in my world just enough that I had to follow the signs. Several synchronicities led me to the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. After training and teaching in the Phoenix area for about 3 years, I headed back to Columbia overflowing with vulnerability, inspiration, knowledge and love. I needed to share it.

In my time in the Southwest I found myself drawn to the vinyasa style of yoga. The way you can get lost in your own breath and movement with the help of music really MOVES me. (pun intended) I find so much inspiration from those warm big sky desert nights. Still til this day I could stare at the moon for hours on end. I feel drawn to it. It was then that my Moon Yoga wheels started turning.

Coming back to Columbia I knew that I wanted to teach and give back. Why not combine the two? With the help of host venues like Logboat Brewing Company, Jabberwocky Studios, Missouri Contemporary Ballet Studio and Unwind Studio we were able to have donation yoga classes and come together as a community and make it happen!

Settling back into my roots here in Missouri, I was accepted with big open arms by family and new and old friends. I knew Columbia already had a beautiful growing yoga community but I noticed we needed more vinyasa! I had a vision, a Moon Yoga Studio vision. A place where everyone feels welcome. A place where the teacher is simply the messenger to help awaken something in the student that was there all along. 

Hope to see you soon, 


Organizations we’ve teamed up with so far include: True North of Columbia, ALS Association, ALZ Association, Missouri River Relief , Rainbow House, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Mid-Missouri Chapter of Honor Flight, DanceAbility, Missouri Contemporary Ballet, St. Jude, St. Francis House/ Lois Bryant House, Boys and Girls Club, Nora Stewart Early Learning Center, The Center Project- and more to come!

Special thanks to Yoga Gives Como for being a huge contributor to these causes as well. 

What a great giving space we live in. So grateful for the opportunity.