What is Vinyasa or “flow”?

Vinyasa is a method of yoga in which movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath. There are smooth transitions between each pose. It is a very subtle, beautiful introspective practice with a side bonus of exercise. In addition to other classes here at Moon Yoga, we have 3 main flow classes - MOONFLOW1, MOONFLOW2 and MOONFLOW3. All beginner friendly, the pace of the class just changes with the music.



Let us set the tone with slow vibes and low lights. We will move slowly and deliberately through poses with the breath. This slow flow will melt away stress and build a fire inside that will leave you feeling strong and peaceful. Perfect if you need to slow down a bit. All levels welcome.



With mid tempo beats playing in the background, we will move with the breath as we work on strength and flexibility. These sequences will light up your soul and at the same time challenge your body and mind. All levels welcome. Different options will be offered to take it up or down a notch, you choose for your body.



Mimicking the high energy of the full moon, the music picks up and we flow! Let’s build some heat! This lively moving meditation is sure to get you sweating and feeling strong-yet playful. This is an all levels class- we just pick up the pace and get lost in the music.



Welcome to our “Yin-Yasa” class! The first half of the class we move through a modified slow flow. The last half of class we save for your wind down, yin poses. Long deep yin poses bring us restoration and relaxation. These poses allow opening of the connective tissue in a passive peaceful way. We will be utilizing props. All levels welcome.



For those who need rest. Real uninterrupted rest. During this hour you will have a guided meditation followed by sound healing. Talk about a treat! Come in with comfy clothes and we will take care of the rest. Prepare to leave feeling emotionally and mentally "lighter". You deserve it. All levels welcome.


Welcome to the Moon!
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